Abigail's Bio:

Well, it is a long and adventurous story, but I think I will have to give you the truncated version here.  I mean, if I tell you my whole life story now, what will we have to talk about over coffee or while we are photographing?

I am the product of my amazing parents, I could not be anymore of a combination of both of them.  My Mom is a dreamer and writer who instilled arts, creativity and just enjoying life in my childhood. And my Dad is a business man who instilled dollars and sense and lots and lots of hard work.  So, shake that up, throw in some sisters and some pets and, voila!  You get a creative entrepreneur.

I am not sure I knew this was my dream, but I followed my path, wherever it took me, and discovered that I am exactly where I never knew I always wanted to be.

I want to capture the journey, the life, and the light of those around me and my amazing clients.