5 Reasons to Have a PHOTO BOOTH at Your Next Event

Having a photo booth at your event is becoming an increasingly popular feature to have. From wedding receptions to corporate parties to quinceañeras, photo booths can liven up any atmosphere and make for one great party! 

1. Make it personal


Did you know that we provide full customization for your photo booth? Guests from your event can walk away with a ticket strip with the event dates, the couples names, the location, and so much more! We work with our clients to make sure that every aspect of their photo booth experience is customized to their style. 

2. One word - PROPS!

One of the best parts of photo booth rentals are the PROPS! Most companies (ours included!) offer all kinds of props to make your photos come to life, from goofy classes, feather boas, hats, and more!

3. Easy Favors

Think about it: how many party favors have you thrown away or tossed aside and forgotten about? Photo booths are a great alternative, since the photo strips can double as a party favor for your guests! Since you can customize your strips to your party or event, your guests will have a great way to remember that night, and have something tangible that they can take with them and hang up. Win - win!

4. Everyone is included

Large events like weddings can be difficult to photograph - there are too many people to capture all at once! Renting a photo booth for your party will guarantee that all guests will have their photo taken. It's a great compliment to the professional event photographer!

5. Be anywhere

As part of the photo booth rentals at Entertain!, we also provide a green screen background for your photos! Want your guests to be on a desert island? CHECK. In the middle of Nashville's strip? CHECK! There are no limits!


Ready to add a photo booth to your next event? Contact our team to get a personalized quote!