Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We put together a list of some of our most frequently asked questions! Didn't get the answer you were looking for? Contact us for more information.

How experienced are you with Djing weddings?

All of our DJS have been professionally trained and have years of experience doing weddings. Our DJs have done hundreds of private events and weddings, and we truly know what it takes to make a couple's big day spectacular!

Do you actually mix the music or just press play?

Our DJs actually beat match and transition songs seamlessly to keep high energy on the dance floor all night. Every time we DJ, the experience is tailored toward your preferences. We love to mix the music, but if you have a special song request or a particular version of a song you want to hear, we will accommodate that.

Do you emcee the event?

Yes! We love to emcee events, and this can be added to the package of your choice.

How do you handle requests?

Easily! We love requests and to see guests' faces light up when special songs come on.

Are you familiar with the venue?

Every venue is different, but we pride ourselves on being prepared for any obstacle. If we have not performed at your venue, we will tour the facilities before the event.

How do you customize the music experience with each couple?

We meet and talk with each couple before their event. We love hearing about the theme or design of your wedding, as well as the preferences of each couple. We have done events that include latin music, jazz, pop, rap and more!

What equipment is included in your normal DJ setup? Do you have pictures of your setup?

Our standard package includes 2 powered speakers, a wireless microphone for toasts, turntables/DJ controller and dance area lighting. We also provide upgraded lighting packages to help provide an even more captivating experience. Pictures of our setup can be found on our Facebook and Instagram  pages!

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured with coverage up to $1,000,000

What other services do you provide?

We can provide photo booths, event lighting, photographers, string instrument musicians for ceremonies and cocktail hours, day of coordinators, dance floors, slideshows and more!

What is your favorite thing about DJing weddings?

It is not another gig to us, it's the biggest day of these couple's lives and we want them to have an unforgettable night. The pure energy and enjoyment we receive from the guests is truly exhilarating. People dancing all night and having so much fun, is very rewarding. Being able to create such joyful emotions through music is my favorite thing about DJing weddings.