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Clif's Bio

Clif Jones aka DJ CKing was born in California and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he was heavily influenced by the city's Disc Jockey culture. He touched his first pair of turntables at the age of 16 and further showcased his talents while debuting on WLCV, University of Louisville's radio station in 2003. Since them, Clif has packed dance floors, and captivated the hearts and minds across the Midwest and Southern states.

He is known for his creative mashups, soulful, yet eclectic music selections, ability to read the crowd, and mix in music from all eras and genres. He always brings professionalism to the turntables by providing excellent customer service, competence, and individualized entertainment for a one of a kind experience. Clif is a sure bet to make your VIP event second to none!

Clif's Testimonials

"Clif with Entertain! was the DJ for my daughter's wedding on 9/30/17. He was awesome to work with. He contacted us to discuss song selections and what our expectations were for the reception party. We wanted to have good energy and lots of dancing and he delivered! As the mother of the Bride I gave some requests to be played during the cocktail and dinner hour and he played everything I asked for. People were still on the dancefloor when time came to vacate the property. We could not have been more pleased." -Trish H.

“Clif Jones was as sharp as he was talented! He might have been the best dressed person at our event. He was flexible and professional and his DJ booth setup was clean. We look forward to more events with Clif!” -Amanda S.

“We wanted a party and that’s just what Clif Jones, DJ CKing, brought! He is the sole reason that we had a loaded dance floor for a solid FOUR hours straight. His first song brought a crowd that just never left! His taste was off the charts- varied and fresh and never missing a beat! My husband and I both got compliments all night on our DJ selection, so it’s obvious our guests were just as impressed! Clif is the total package with a lively stage presence, killer taste in music, impeccable timing, and an accute sense for the crowd that kept him catering to us all night! From kicking off a soul train line to adding in special sound effects, we couldn’t get enough. Not to mention, we loved his wing-woman who just happened to be his lovely wife! What a beautiful testament to supporting your spouse and being better together. We’re sad our evening with Clif came and went so quickly, but the memories he helped create will keep us holding on until we hit the dance floor with him again because we truly hope there will be another time. We couldn’t recommend him highly enough!” -Marlee H.