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Jeremy's Bio

Jeremy Porter, aka The Don, has been with Entertain since before its inception, having 100% confidence in what Brandon could accomplish. Previously to moving to Nashville in 2014, Jeremy was involved in the operation of a Michigan based DJ and Entertainment business for almost 10 years. Drawing off his experience, he’s here to help Entertain continue to thrive! Additionally, Jeremy worked as a Radio DJ, Radio Website and Marketing Manager, as well as Promotions Director. He’s been involved with music since his college days in 2002-2006 where he studied Business Finance and Ethics. 

 While currently spending his days working for an international finance and accounting consulting firm, he can be known to spend his weeknights/weekends being “The Don”. Whether that means closing deals for new Entertain! business, assisting with the operations and photo booth for an event, or locking down every major club and restaurant in Las Vegas for his boys! 

The Don’s Reviews and Testimonials 

“We recently attended Gwen and Jack’s wedding at the Bell Tower. What a beautiful venue! But that’s for a different review! THIS review is for Jeremy. He was running the photo booth the night we were there and he really made our experience even more fun. We had heard about people having these at their weddings but had never done it. He walked us all through it and “showed us the ropes”. What a sweet young man he was. We had a nice conversation with him too afterwards. He had such positive things to say about the company he was there with! It’s no wonder why Jack hired them! Tell him thank you again for us! He needs a raise! 
Thanks a lot!” -Kim and John from Galveston

“We recently attended a wedding in Nashville with some very high profile people that will remain unmentioned. I usually don’t write reviews but this time is a bit different. I wanted to give a big shout out to Jeremy representing Entertain!. He gave me his business card or else I would not have known how to find him on here. He was at this wedding with his photo booth and did a phenomenal job! What a silly dude 🤣! My husband plays on the same team with the groom and even mentioned to me how well Jeremy handled being around everyone and not making anyone feel awkward or asking for pictures. True class act! Being from New York, we don’t see that very often. If you are in the market for a fun photo booth ran by an even better guy, choose Entertain and ask for Jeremy! Tell him we say hello!”

“My fiance and I were recently at The Cordelle in Nashville for our mutual friends wedding and was finally able to check out what these picture set ups were all about (which we had never seen). We met Jeremy, who said he and the DJ that night were both with Entertain. As busy as he was with handling the traffic, he took the time to answer my questions and had great things to say about the company. After checking out the website the next day, we plan to book Entertain for our wedding next Fall. Thanks a lot Jeremy for the professionalism and cander you showed! A+”